Space Symposium Media Kit

show image Northrop Grumman Corporation is highlighting key military and space capabilities and programs during Space Symposium 2016, the nation’s premier space conference taking place April 11 - 14 at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In its booth, #703, the company is featuring innovative capabilities to advance human discovery and help preserve freedom. Some key programs that will be showcased are:
  • A concept for a Modular Demonstration of an Evolvable Space Telescope (MoDEST), a telescope with a 20-meter-plus mirror that could be assembled in space. MoDEST builds on the company’s extensive experience in developing platforms astrophysics missions.
  • Missile projects including the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD), the follow-on to the intercontinental ballistic missile system, the Space Tracking and Surveillance System and sensors for the Space Based Infrared System.
  • Work on Global Positioning System III, the next generation of global positioning, navigation and timing service satellites designed to meet higher demands from users.
  • The Low Cost Terminal, designed to provide assured protected communications via the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite system to high mobile, tactical military forces at low cost, will be on display along with the Northrop Grumman-built communications payloads for AEHF and its predecessor, Milstar.
  • Advanced technologies enabling space navigation, responsive space, deployables, advanced optics and microelectronics.

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Space Systems
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Diane Pennington
Mission Systems
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