Emergency Information for Impacted Northrop Grumman Employees

Emergency Information for Impacted Northrop Grumman Employees 

Information for Northrop Grumman Employees Impacted by Hurricane Matthew

Updated: October 9, 9:15 p.m. ET

Communication with Those Affected by Hurricane Matthew

If you work at one of our Florida facilities or are traveling in Florida, and have not already done so, please let your immediate manager know your status. Also, if you know of a colleague who is safe but may not have reported his or her status, please let us know by any of the methods mentioned below.

For employees who were in the path of Matthew, we will continue to use our text- and phone-based system to share information and ask for confirmation of your safety. If you are in the impacted area and have not received a text- or phone-based message, please email ecc@ngc.com with your status, full name and MyID, or call the Emergency Contact Center at the number below.

Employees can continue to find information on our Company Intranet and Internet sites, and through our social media channels including Twitter and Facebook. As needed, we will also communicate via email.


If you need help with storm recovery, call the company’s Emergency Contact Center at (855) 737-8364. The center is operating 24/7 to help employees who need direct assistance.

The Emergency Information Line is also available with the most up-to-date facilities status information at (800) 995-4318.

The Employee Assistance Program is available for employees 24/7 by calling (800) 982-8161. All calls are confidential, and no one will be told about your call or any treatment you receive unless you authorize them to do so. Services are free for employees and eligible family members.

How All Employees Can Help

Northrop Grumman supports the American Red Cross and AmeriCares through their annual disaster giving programs, providing a reliable funding base for disaster relief services. Company contributions offset a range of expenses and help ensure that the Red Cross and AmeriCares can respond to a disaster at a moment’s notice.

Employees also may support the American Red Cross and AmeriCares directly in a number of ways:

Beware of Potential Internet-Based Scams and Viruses Related to Regional, National or International Emergencies

Northrop Grumman employees should be acutely aware of the immediate potential for scams and viruses related to regional, national or international emergencies (such as hurricanes, fires, floods, severe storms, earthquakes or terrorist attacks) posted on the Internet.

After similar situations in the past, e-mails and websites claim to contain exclusive video of the disaster or to solicit donations for the disaster relief efforts. The e-mails often included malicious code that attempted to infect computers with viruses, spyware or Trojan horses. Other e-mails appeared to be legitimate donation requests but were in reality phishing attacks that directed users to a malicious server that collected credit card numbers, PayPal logins and personal information.

There are reports of questionable relief fund sites already available on the Internet. Numerous recent disaster items are also available on eBay, including domain names that sound like disaster relief fund sites. Many of these auctions claim that a portion of the proceeds will go to the disaster relief efforts.

These kinds of scams and attacks seek to take advantage of our charity and our curiosity. The most successful of them look professional and legitimate. They can appear to be identical to authentic relief fund sites. Take your time to carefully consider disaster-relief solicitations before giving. The best protection against these attacks and scams is to donate directly to reputable charitable organizations.

If you receive any questionable e-mails, do not reply.

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