Remotec Robotic Platforms and Sub-Systems

Andros™ UGVs

Andros™ UGVs

The most versatile and full-featured Unmanned Ground Vehicle line-up
available for EOD, Hazmat, Tactical, CBRNE, Tactical and Military use.

Remotec - Keeping Danger at a Distance

Military, EOD, first responders and law enforcement agencies worldwide rely on Remotec to help assure a safe, successful outcome for their most challenging missions. Remotec is the global leader in mobile robot systems for hazardous-duty operations.


  • The preferred choice for hazardous duty operations worldwide
  • Proven the world over, to help you confront any incident rapidly, decisively and with utmost confidence
  • Proven the most rugged, reliable performance in the field
  • Superior versatility, supporting multiple weapons, detectors and/or sensors
  • Unparalleled rugged durability, ready to handle any situation at a moment’s notice
  • Manufactured in the USA, backed by world-class training and post-sale support