Platinum Source - Intro

At Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, we are committed to our customers' requirements and needs, both present and future. A relentless customer focus is the primary driver of all that we do, and our strategies are centered on anticipating and fulfilling our customers' needs and expectations. We recognize that our supplier team members play a crucial role toward achieving these objectives, and they, too, must share a consistent focus. The success of our specific strategies is based on our mutual ability to deliver quality products, on time to meet our customers' demands.

The Aerospace Systems Global Supply Chain team is dedicated to building on our supply chain relationships, which promote first-time quality, shorter acquisition cycle times, and best overall value to our customers. Our Platinum Source Program is just one example of how we strive to foster our supplier relationships, by recognizing and rewarding those suppliers who consistently meet our performance objectives.

Through teamwork and trust, Northrop Grumman will stand side by side with its Platinum suppliers to be the best we can be as world-class leaders in the aerospace industry. Our mutual success depends on our combined commitment. We challenge you to be our suppliers of choice – Platinum Preferred!

Relentless Customer Focus