Innovation Systems - Sector Divisions

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Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems is composed of three operating divisions:

Flight Systems Division

  • Leading provider of small- and medium-class space launch vehicles for civil, military and commercial missions
  • Premier producer of solid rocket propulsion systems and specialty energetic products
  • Major supplier of interceptor boosters and target vehicles for missile defense applications
  • World class manufacturer of composite structures for commercial and military aircraft and launch vehicles

Defense Systems Division

  • An industry leader in propulsion and controls for air-, sea- and land-based tactical missiles and missile defense interceptors, fusing and warheads for tactical missiles and munitions
  • Supplier of advanced defense electronics for next-generation strike weapon systems, missile-warning and aircraft survivability, and special-mission aircraft
  • Leading producer of medium- and large-caliber ammunition, medium-caliber gun systems and precision munitions guidance kits
  • Largest U.S. producer of small-caliber ammunition

Space Systems Division

  • An industry-leading provider of commercial satellites used for global communications and high-resolution Earth imaging
  • A leading provider of small and medium spacecraft that perform scientific research, weather monitoring and national security missions for government customers
  • A pioneer in space logistics including cargo delivery to the International Space Station for NASA and commercial in-orbit satellite servicing
  • Provider of commercial cargo delivery services to the International Space Station and developer of advanced commercial space-launch systems
  • Premier provider of spacecraft components and subsystems and specialized engineering services

General sector facts and figures:

  • Leading producer of solid rocket propulsion systems – more than 16,000 motors built for strategic, tactical and space applications
  • Largest manufacturer of small- and medium-caliber ammunition – more than 8 billion rounds produced in last five years
  • Primary supplier of long-range missile defense interceptors and target systems – more than 300 vehicles built or under contract
  • Major builder of satellites and related subsystems – more than 225 space systems and 800 space components delivered or in production
  • Principal supplier of medium-caliber gun systems for the U.S. and NATO – 15,000-unit installed base
  • Leading operator of small research rockets and high-altitude scientific balloons – about 30 missions conducted per year
  • Expertise in facility management and co-production – operator of the largest ammunitions manufacturing facility in the United States