Security Services

Our Security Services provide a comprehensive, managed 24/7 service without requiring an extensive customer investment in hardware, software, and technical staff. This complete security solution includes architecture, design, implementation, and training to secure your environment.

We use integrated products and toolsets to provide security measures associated with desktop, notebook, network and server access, intrusion detection, and various types of malware protection. We work with customers to develop requirements for each agency’s security standards and practices.

Northrop Grumman developed The Fan™ cybersecurity reference model to help our customers visualize the layers of sophisticated cyber protection we offer to keep your systems and data secure.

The Fan™
Cybersecurity reference model 

There are many direct benefits to your organization when you use our security services:

  • Protection of systems from viruses and other types of malware
  • Security measures are implemented throughout the distributed networking environment
  • Comprehensive view and management of customer enterprise security infrastructure
  • Lower cost for the service due to leveraged resources and staff
  • No hiring, training or staff retention issues which distract from your primary business

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Current Texas DIR Contracts

Managed Services Contract No. DIR-SDD-2175