Unwind/End of Engagement Services

Unwind/End of Engagement Services Unwind/End of Engagement services are offered during a technology refresh or at the end of the period of performance. Northrop Grumman can manage the de-installation, packing and return of assets.

Unwind/End-of-Engagement Services including, for example:

  • Hardware removal
  • Hardware Inventory
  • Hard drive removal/data wipe
  • Destruction of hard drive
  • Hardware disposal
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Relocation of assets
  • Asset Management Reporting

We will assign a project manager to gather all pertinent information for assets to be removed. The project manager follows up with customer site coordinators to verify the specific security policies to be followed during the returns process. Once the project manager gathers all required information, a comprehensive unwind project plan will be developed and submitted to the customer for joint review and approval. We will then work with the customer to verify that all unwind project tasks, resources, milestones and timelines are practical and acceptable.

Upon customer request, Northrop Grumman can provide a project plan that addresses, for example:

  • Project timelines
  • Documentation requirements
  • Compliance with site-specific security policies
  • Data wiping/destruction of hard drives, as required
  • Asset quarantine requirements, as required
  • Packing of computer equipment
  • Return shipping of decommissioned equipment

Standard Reports

  • Decommissioned equipment status report

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