Benefits of using Northrop Grumman and the R2-3G contract

Northrop Grumman produces nearly 60 percent of the U.S. military's airborne radar systems. We are the Federal Government's second-largest provider of information technology. We're a premier producer of manned and unmanned aircraft and other platforms and systems for surveillance, targeting and precision strike. We're also a supplier of proprietary electronics to global commercial markets. At Northrop Grumman, we have proud traditions of innovation, technical excellence and responsiveness to the needs of our customers. Our R2-3G Team is committed to responsive and effective support.

We provide full spectrum support and unique focus on customer requirements

Recent events demonstrated that the traditional view of a warfighter as a combatant deployed overseas has changed. This mission growth leads to new relationships and rapid response requirements within Coalitions, Joint Task Forces, non-DoD Agencies, and State and local safety and law enforcement. The Northrop Grumman Team is the team most capable of providing world-class, full life cycle engineering, manufacturing and logistics support for critical mission systems.

The range and depth of our technical expertise is without equal

Our team capabilities span the full range of vehicles, shelters, aircraft, ships and electronic systems that must be integrated seamlessly to meet America's missions. Already established with key Federal customers, Northrop Grumman has built a broad-based capability to meet current and emerging national needs, including anti-terrorism and homeland security. Northrop Grumman's heritage of satisfying Defense and Federal Agency requirements across a broad spectrum of technologies and operational requirements demonstrates our readiness and capability to provide outstanding, cost effective, and efficient support under the R2-3G contract.

We provide the best value solutions

The Northrop Grumman team provides the best value solutions to your requirements. Our broad base of experience, proven processes and procedures, and unmatched depth of technical expertise ensure that the job will be done right the first time. Capitalizing on our long and varied experience base, reuse is a major factor in our cost effectiveness strategy.

R2-3G Contract benefits

Dedicated Government R2-3G program staff using proven procedures and processes. The CECOM R2 Program Staff provides a one-stop shop for Government system, platform, and item managers. They provide timely technical and acquisition support.

Rapid response

  • Award cycle goal of 60 days from distribution of Request for Task Execution Plan (RTEP) by CECOM R2 Project Office
  • "How to" guide available on-line; preparation questions quickly answered; templates available
  • Customer develops requirement; defines award criteria; selects bid cycle (targeted for 7 calendar days) and together with the CECOM R2 Project Office evaluates proposals to select successful bidder

Broad spectrum of support. The scope of this contract is very broad and includes providing equipment and services to research, develop, upgrade, install, fabricate, test, operate, maintain and support new and existing Federal Government platforms, systems, subsystems and items.

Low fee. The R2 Project Office provides extensive contractual support in awarding and administering each delivery order. In return for these services, the Project Office charges a minimal service fee.