R2-3G Team

The Northrop Grumman Team consists of 62 subcontractors, 75% of which are small business concerns, covering all of the socio-economic categories with tremendous breadth and depth of technical expertise and capabilities to rapidly and efficiently addresses task requirements across all of the 15 SOW task areas, and can provide experienced personnel in all contract labor categories. The Northrop Grumman Team is committed to provide the wide variety of critical services demanded by Government system managers, at any time, in any lifecycle phase.

Through the R2-3G contract, Northrop Grumman's Team will respond to pressing Government requirements that demand a broad range of technical services and extensive global capabilities. Our Team capabilities span the full range of vehicles, shelters, aircraft, ships and electronic systems that must come together to meet America's missions.

Already established with key Federal customers, Northrop Grumman has built a broad-based capability to meet current and emerging national needs, including anti-terrorism and homeland security. Northrop Grumman's heritage of successfully addressing Defense and Federal Agency requirements across a broad spectrum of technologies and operational requirements demonstrates our readiness and capability to provide outstanding, cost effective, and efficient support under the R2-3G contract.

Our R2-3G team is listed below.

Northrop Grumman

Aerospace Systems
Mission Systems
Technology Services

Large Businesses (17)

  • Allied Technology Group (formerly JIL)
  • AT&T Government Solutions, Inc.
  • A-TEK, Inc.
  • Base Technologies, Inc
  • Cubic Applications, Inc
  • DataPath, Inc
  • Goodrich Corporation, ISR Systems, Airborne Division
  • Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)
  • High Performance Technologies, Inc
  • L-3 Communications TCS, Inc.
  • McLaughlin Research Corporation
  • Motorola
  • MTC Services Corporation
  • Ocean Systems Engineering Corporation
  • Oceaneering International, Inc.
  • Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc.
  • Systems Engineering Associates Corporation (SEACORP)

Small Businesses (45)

  • Advanced Design Corporation (ADC)
  • Agency Consulting Group, Inc.
  • ARTi, Incorporated
  • BC Fed Group, LLC (Wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Canopy)
  • Calhoun International, LLC
  • Capstone Corporation
  • Carley Corporation
  • Cerona Networks Corporation
  • Cirrus Technology, Inc.
  • Clear Align, LCC
  • Creative Information Technology, Inc. (CITI)
  • Cryptek, Inc
  • Data Corporation of America, Inc
  • DDC-I, Inc
  • Defense Group Inc
  • DLS Engineering Associates, Inc
  • Dovel Technologies, Inc.
  • DSCI
  • Dynamic Systems Technology, Inc
  • Elicitek Inc.
  • Elite Systems, Inc.
  • Emergint Technologies, Inc.
  • FishEye Software Incorporated
  • Global Networks Systems of Maryland, Inc.
  • Haulsey Engineering, Inc.
  • Impact-RLW Systems, Inc.
  • JANUS Research Group, Inc.
  • Joint Logistics Managers, Inc
  • KeyLogic Systems, Inc.
  • Knight Point Systems
  • Mele Associates, Inc
  • Management and Engineering Technologies International, Inc (METI)
  • North Carolina A&T State University
  • SDS International
  • SimIS Inc.
  • SMART Technology, Inc
  • Summit Technologies, Inc.
  • Tactical Air Services, Inc
  • Teracore, Inc.
  • UAV Communications, Inc (Bosh Global Services)
  • Vector Planning & Services, Inc.
  • Zel Technologies, LLC

Northrop Grumman is a company defined by one word - technology. From under the sea to outer space and into cyberspace, Northrop Grumman technologies and products play a key role in the evolving defense environment of the 21st century. The fully integrated battle management of the near future will take a network-centric approach, in which communications among ships, satellites, armies, aircraft and submarines will be fused into a net of interconnectivity enabled through cyberspace. Northrop Grumman today represents virtually every technology that will play a significant part in this modern era of warfare.

Since the end of the Cold War, Northrop Grumman has built a broad-based weapons capability to meet current and emerging national defense needs, including anti-terrorism and homeland security. Throughout this transformation, the company has maintained a consistent focus and strategy. As a result, Northrop Grumman is now a top-tier defense company, a full partner with its military customers and an inherent part of the country's national security.

More specifically, Northrop Grumman is a defense electronics powerhouse that produces nearly 60 percent of the Pentagon's airborne radar systems and is well positioned in missile defense. As the second-largest provider of information technology for the Federal Government, Northrop Grumman is crucial to cyberwarfare efforts, helping to protect the U.S. Government's computers from Internet attack.  Its systems integration expertise ensures unparalleled surveillance and precision strike capabilities and its commercial electronics capabilities remain world-class.

From its headquarters in Falls Church, VA, Northrop Grumman operates in all 50 states and 25 countries. The company has estimated 2014 revenues of approximately $24 billion and has a workforce of approximately 65,000 talented men and women. Northrop Grumman operates through three sectors: Aerospace Systems (NGAS); Mission Systems (NGMS); and Technology Services (NGTS). The Aerospace Systems and Mission Systems sectors align similar technical capabilities and customer sets, improve market focus, allow us to more agilely deploy talent, and create a more cost-competitive organizational structure. That means better program performance and better positioning to win follow-on and new contracts.


Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems (AS) a premier developer, integrator, producer and supporter of manned and unmanned aircraft, spacecraft, high-energy laser systems, microelectronics and other systems and subsystems critical to maintaining the nation’s security and leadership in science and technology. These systems are used, primarily by government customers, in many different mission areas including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; communications; battle management; strike operations; electronic warfare; missile defense; earth observation; space science; and space exploration.

Northrop Grumman Mission Systems (MS) is a leading global provider, manufacturer and integrator of advanced, secure and agile software-defined systems and solutions. Our differentiated C4ISR and cyber solutions deliver timely, mission-enabling information and provide superior situational awareness and understanding to protect the U.S. and its global allies.

Northrop Grumman Technology Services (TS) is a business sector with enormous capabilities, scope and global reach. The recent consolidation of service activities into one sector brings together thousands of engineers, technicians, and administrators, effectively creating a powerhouse in the logistics support, sustainment, and technical services marketplace. For our customers, the realignment means only one thing — superior service delivered anywhere, anytime.


Large Businesses

Allied Technology Group (formerly JIL) JIL / ATG core capabilities include: business management, C4ISR solutions, enterprise solutions, full-service LAN/WAN support, installation, international programs management and support, logistics management, security solutions, and training solutions.
AT&T Government Solutions, Inc. AT&T Government Solutions is a proven solutions integrator, with professional services expertise in Education and Training, Enterprise Application Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning and Management, IA, KM, Mod & Sim, Network Transformation and Management, and Program Management.
A-TEK, Inc. A-TEK provides innovative business process management, business consulting services, IT solutions and services, software engineering and development, engineering and logistics.
Base Technologies, Inc Base Technologies, Inc specializes in Systems Engineering & Management, Network Engineering & Management, Web-Based Application Development, Healthcare Systems Integration, Security Certification.
Cubic Applications, Inc CAI provides live combat training and virtual training systems, constructive simulation support, force modernization, and engineering and technical support. CAI also supplies tactical battlefield systems and communications electronics, including tactical data links and surveillance receivers for "C4ISR" applications.
DataPath, Inc DataPath, Inc. provides system integration, manufacturing, and ILS support services, including satellite communications O&M support services. In addition, DataPath provides installation, upgrade and system configuration support of satellite communications systems experts.
Goodrich Corporation, ISR Systems, Airborne Division Goodrich ISR Airborne designs and manufactures cameras and sensors for space-based photo-reconnaissance satellites and aircraft. Goodrich also provides field and 'in plant' technical support including mobile operations support teams.
Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. The company's offerings span information technology infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services, and imaging and printing.
High Performance Technologies, Inc HPTi specializes in the development of military technology with engineering experience and proficiency in armaments, munitions, and fire-control software. Through the integration of systems and software engineering capabilities, computational science, and strong IT capabilities, HPTi streamlines advanced weapon systems acquisition.
L-3 Communications TCS, Inc. L-3 TCS specialized skills and capabilities include engineering design, TDP development, software development/testing, prototype/quick reaction manufacturing, aircraft modification, T&E, IV&V, mishap investigation, acquisition planning and procurement, quality control, program office support, ILS, and CM.
McLaughlin Research Corporation MRC has core competencies in systems engineering, computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), configuration management (CM), integrated logistics support (ILS), information technology (IT), program and environmental management support, technical documentation, multimedia graphics and communication, and training.
Motorola Motorola's portfolio includes: wireless networking solutions such as land mobile radio, mesh networks, point-to-point and multipoint, WLAN networking solutions; WiMax and LTE to support wide area voice/data communications, physical security and location-based solutions; mobile computing devices including ruggedized handheld, laptop and vehicle mounted computing devices; biometrics solutions; RFID and data capture solutions; C2 applications; and records management.
MTC Services Corporation MTCSC core competencies include program management, systems engineering, systems design, software engineering, test engineering, training, and logistic support. MTCSC also excels in systems integration and interoperability.
Ocean Systems Engineering Corporation OSEC, an Apogen Company specializes in C4ISR and net-centric warfare solutions with extensive experience in acquisition, systems engineering, research and development, prototyping, budgeting, and logistics planning.
Oceaneering International, Inc. Oceaneering business offerings include remotely operated vehicles, mobile offshore production systems, built-to-order specialty hardware, engineering and project management, sub sea intervention and installation services, non-destructive testing and inspections, and manned diving.
Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc. Shaw E&I is a leading provider of engineering, construction, environmental, emergency response, contingency support, and infrastructure management services.
Systems Engineering Associates Corporation (SEACORP) SEA CORP provides systems analysis and test technologies for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) for testing combat systems and trainer systems during the development, integration, installation and shipboard testing of operational and future generation submarines.


Small Businesses

Advanced Design Corporation (ADC) ADC delivers technical support services, engineering, integrated logistics, videos and multimedia productions, graphics, training and fielding support.
Agency Consulting Group, Inc. ACG's core capabilities include enterprise system and security management, infrastructure development, training, disaster recovery, systems integration, and network engineering.
ARTi, Incorporated ARTi is a service provider of training and education services including Joint Training, IT services and staffing; Section 508/504 accessibility solutions and consulting services; and contract consulting solutions.
BC Fed Group, LLC (Wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Canopy) Blue Canopy offers a range of IT services to include program, performance, and process management on large, complex IT programs.  Blue Canopy also provides system development and support services on classified networks and implements enterprise-wide technology solutions.
Calhoun International, LLC Calhoun International provides high value individual targeting, counter improvised explosive device analysis, explosive ordnance disposal training and analysis, counterintelligence, general military intelligence, unattended ground sensor analysis as well as general intelligence training.
Capstone Corporation Capstone Corporation provides C4 services, network administration, information assurance and network engineering, special studies and assessments, joint experimentation, training and exercise management and simulation development.
Carley Corporation Carley Corporation specializes in the development of large-scale, complex blended training solutions where training and performance results are critical. Expertise includes Learning Solutions, Performance Support Solutions, IT Solutions and Management Solutions.
Cerona Networks Corporation Cerona is an experienced provider of satellite networks that manufactures, sells and services COTM (Communications-on-the-Move) VSATs systems.
Cirrus Technology, Inc. Cirrus provides on logistics engineering & analysis, test and evaluation of C4ISR systems, physical and electronic security, contract closeout & financial management, IT, and acquisition management.
Clear Align, LCC Clear Align is an optical engineering and systems integration company strategically focused on imaging, sensing, and fiber optics. Clear Align supplies advanced optical engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing for the aerospace, defense, communications, and medical markets.
Creative Information Technology, Inc. (CITI) CITI provides software engineering design and development, product evaluation, systems engineering and integration, biometrics systems, enterprise information sharing and data management, enterprise architecture, and network engineering and operations.
Cryptek, Inc Cryptek is a manufacturer and solutions provider recognized as an industry leader of dynamic and trusted identity and access control solutions and TEMPEST products and engineering.
Data Corporation of America, Inc DATACOA specializes in high technology systems and software engineering services to the military command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, electronic warfare & sensors (C4IEWS) community.
DDC-I, Inc DDC-I is an international supplier of Ada 83, Ada 95, C, EmbeddedC++, Fortran and JOVIAL compilers and custom software development services for safety critical real-time embedded applications. DDC-I provides complex COTS and custom development solutions.
Defense Group Inc DGI provides information technology, consequence management services, system architecture design and analysis, scientific and technical expertise, and program management. DGI focuses on products and services for emergency management and response for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive incidents.
DLS Engineering Associates, Inc DLS provides cost effective and quality logistics, information technology solutions, professional engineering services, construction logistics and acquisition services, operation, and maintenance support services.
Dovel Technologies, Inc. Dovèl Technologies offers IT solutions focused on service oriented architectures, security solutions, program management support and software development.
DSCI DSCI provides technical services and products within the Systems Engineering/Sensors, Modeling, Analysis, Research, and Training/Testing disciplines. DSCI supports solutions to complex problems within the Communications, Command, Control, Computers, Intelligence, Reconnaissance, and Surveillance (C4ISR) arena.
Dynamic Systems Technology, Inc DysTech core competencies include program/project management, systems integration, engineering, and administrative and technical support services in the fields of information technology, training and education.
Elicitek Inc. Elicitek Inc. offers integrated systems and services for telecommunications and satellite support services to the government agencies and commercial enterprises worldwide.
Elite Systems, Inc. Elite Systems provides systems integration services ranging from front-end strategies and architectural designs to implementation and production support to end-user support. Elite's consultants are available for database administration, systems administration, software development, end-user helpdesk support.
Emergint Technologies, Inc. Emergent core capabilities include infrastructure and support services, software development, scientific and management services, data integration consulting and engineering, geographic information systems, and messaging and data surveillance.
FishEye Software Incorporated FishEye Software provides complete life cycle, real-time embedded software solutions for large complex, scientific applications in the areas of Radar, Communications, Database Management, Rail Industry, Medical Technology and Air Traffic Control.
Global Networks Systems of Maryland, Inc. GNS has a strong foundation in to IA and Systems Integration. Services range from certification & accreditation, continuity of operation planning, FISMA review, disaster and recovering solutions to LAN/WAN system, network support, installation and IT training. GNS also supports test and evaluation, software engineering and research and development.
Haulsey Engineering, Inc. HEI is a logistics, systems engineering and technical support services organization specializing in the following areas: Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), quality assurance, life-cycle support services, training support services, and technical support services.
Impact-RLW Systems, Inc. Impact-RLW Systems, Inc. develops and produces technologies to enable condition-based maintenance and machinery health monitoring.  Products range from mid and high level architectures and software systems to devices that enable smart machines at the deck-plate, vehicle and factory floor level.
INFORMAXX Informaxx, Inc. specializes in technical writing, documentation, business communications and training services.
JANUS Research Group, Inc. JANUS services clients in modeling and simulation, system engineering, 3-dimensional (3D) virtual reality simulation software development, training, configuration management, information assurance, and operational and systems architecture design and development.
Joint Logistics Managers, Inc JLMI specializes in acquisition, design, development, movement, sustainment and training of automated logistics systems. JLMI logistics automation services cover all system needs from help desk support to system training to hardware and software acquisitions.
KeyLogic Systems, Inc. KeyLogic Systems specializes in Knowledge Management, Program Management, and Portfolio and Performance Management solutions.
Knight Point Systems Knight Point Systems technologies and services include: network infrastructure (fiber & copper), network architecture and security, access control & CCTV, multimedia systems, database and application management, business continuity and COOP, datacenter relocation, automation and virtualization.
Mele Associates, Inc MELE provides expertise in strategic planning, program and project management, information technology services, nuclear & radiological threat reduction services, critical infrastructure protection, telecom—cable, fiber systems design, network systems design/integration, engineering and EM services.
Management and Engineering Technologies International, Inc (METI) METI offers a full range of services in systems engineering design and development, information technology, acquisition management, test and training range operations and maintenance, and natural resource management.
MYMIC LLC MYMIC’s core capabilities include training & assessment solutions, analysis solutions, modeling, simulation and visualization, emergency preparedness support.
North Carolina A&T State University NCA&T provides a broad range of IT services and solutions for computer and communication systems, networks, software development and testing, satellites, evaluating life cycle cost, technical education and training development and satisfying end user technical requirements.
SDS International SDS core business areas consist of education and training, test and evaluation, engineering and technical support, program management support, research and development, and PC-based training/visualization products.
SimIS Inc. SimIS uses cognitive systems engineering to create a suite robust open standards based modeling and simulation capabilities. SimIS’ offerings are based on current and transformational technologies and standards. SimIS also offers Information Security consulting services, ensuring computer systems and networks are safe from hackers.
SMART Technology, Inc SMART’s core capabilities include: enterprise portals and web applications, and database development; e-commerce; IT solutions and business/technology plans; proposal, contract and project management; facilities and asset management and staffing; continuity of operations planning, homeland security, and emergency preparedness; promotion, branding, marketing, video production, multimedia and graphics design; and distance learning.
Summit Technologies, Inc. STI core competencies evolve around information technology, program support, and human factors engineering, and training. STI provides web site development and maintaince services to both DOD and commercial clients.
Tactical Air Services, Inc TAS provides pilots and aircraft for adversary support to 'live training exercises' of US military and Foreign Military Sales (FMS). With a focus on training and training support for Coalition Forces, TAS provides expertise in Networks, Net Centric Warfare, systems integration and RDT&E for civilian and military programs.
Teracore, Inc. Teracore provides management consulting and information technology services covering business process reengineering, IT portfolio management, independent verification and validation, performance management, database solutions, and portal and web development.
UAV Communications, Inc (Bosh Global Services) UAV Communications, Inc offers technical services for secure video, sensor, voice, and data applications. UAV Communications, Inc supports mission-critical UAV/S systems, video surveillance, and intelligence systems with a focus on motion video, voice, metadata, still imagery, radar, and other sensor data for end-to-end solutions.
Vector Planning & Services, Inc. VPSI core competencies are information technology services and solutions, systems engineering, information assurance services, program management and telecommunication services.
Zel Technologies, LLC ZelTech core capabilities include visualization and decision support services, defense and intelligence operations support services, information assurance, homeland security, and critical infrastructure protection.