Task Order Process

How to Get Work Assigned to this Contract

Listed below are the essential steps in getting work assigned to the R2-3G contract. The Northrop Grumman R2-3G Team can help with the government contracting rules and procedures are ready to assist you in this process.

Step 1. Customer Identifies Need.

CONTACT CECOM R2 PROJECT OFFICE to register your desire for a new project.
Registration can be accomplished on-line at http://r2csr.monmouth.army.mil/. You must provide some basic information regarding the nature of the work, POCs, funding, and timing. For details please refer to the Data Package chapter of the on-line User Guide, Section 1 (Preparing the Data Package) found at http://r2csr.monmouth.army.mil./ Once registered, a customer number will be assigned.

Step 2. Prepare and Submit Requirements Package.

Visit CECOM's web site and read the Data Package section of the CECOM User's Guide at http://r2csr.monmouth.army.mil/ to learn how to prepare and submit the documents that you will need to request a Task Execution Plan. These documents are at a minimum the Statement of Work (SOW) and the Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE).

Step 3. Prepare the Funding Documents.

R2-3G TOs are funded by the customer organizations (user). A certified funding document for the amount shown in the IGCE must be included in the requirements package when the package is submitted to the ordering office for processing. Again please refer to the on-line users manual for details. DOD customers must provide reimbursable authority through the use of Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPRs). Whenever possible, it is preferred that the MIPR be submitted in electronic form.

Step 4. Transmit the package to the CR2 Project Office.

Submit the SOW, Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE), and funding transfer documentation to CECOM. Once CECOM has received and approved these documents, the R2 Project Office will issue a Request for Task Execution Plan (RTEP).

Step 5. Review and Approval of TEP

Within 7 days of receiving the RTEP, the contractor Team will provide the TEP to the Contracting Officer, COR, Project Office and the customer to review. The customer will perform the technical evaluation and send approval to Project Office. The Government will review and approve the TEP or request clarification.

Step 6. Delivery Order Issued to Selected Contractor

Once the Government approves the TEP, the Contracting Officer issues a Task Order (TO) to the contractor Team.