Northrop Grumman in Denmark

F-35 Lightning IIF/A-18 Super HornetLITENING G4 Targeting System

F-35 Lightning II

F/A-18 Super Hornet

LITENING G4 Targeting System

Denmark is a key partner in Northrop Grumman’s global supply chain.

Major collaborations include:

LITENING G4 Targeting System – The Royal Danish Air Force has LITENING G4 advanced targeting systems fitted on its F-16 aircraft. The LITENING G4 pods give pilots powerful capabilities for detecting, identifying and tracking targets at long ranges for precision weapon delivery or non-traditional intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

Composites Manufacturing – In 2012, Northrop Grumman entered into a long-term agreement with Terma, a Danish manufacturer of advanced composites, to produce components for the international F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme. Northrop Grumman is a principal subcontractor on the Lockheed Martin-led F-35 industry team.

STEM/Newton Room – As a member of the Boeing-led F/A-18 Hornet Industry Team, Northrop Grumman is a major underwriter of the Newton Room, a new, state-of-the-art teaching facility for science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects at the Risbjergskolen School, Hvidovre, Denmark. The Newton Room supports the educational needs of both primary and secondary schools.

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