Precision Motion

Dopant Tailored Response

Dopant Tailored Response Optimized to Application

AOA Xinetics is growing our core PMN expertise to develop unique applications for precision motion from precision actuators.

PMN Actuators

Our electrostrictive lead magnesium niobate (PMN) multilayer cofired actuators exhibit little to no hysteresis, aging or creep. The material can be tailored to optimize displacement over desired operating temperature range. The actuators are fabricated for use between 0-100V and their quadratic response highly linear within +/- 30V operating range. Actuator length and diameter are selected to meet stroke and force requirements of the final DM.

tube actuators

Three degree of freedom tube actuators

Tube Actuators

AOA Xinetics has developed novel tube actuators with three degree of freedoms. Besides piston, these actuators can provide tip/tilt motion. Our tube actuators have been fabricated with diameter ranging from 3 - 15mm, angular displacement of 0.7 – 2 mrad, and resonant frequency range of 2kHz – 40kHz.

Custom Fiber Micro-Positioners


Micro-Positioner Principle of Operation

Our PMN actuators have been designed into fiber micro-positioners for precise displacement to enhance free-space optical coupling. The horizontal motion of the actuator is translated into vertical motion. Cross-pivot flexures are machined directly into mechanism (no bushing, bearings, or preload). The high modulus of elasticity of PMN is ideal for mechanical advantage mechanism that require high resonant frequencies. A 2nd axis stage can be attached to the output of the first stage for two dimensional precision motion. As-built positioners have achieved 40 microns of translation in X-Y with ±2 mRads rotation and a 2D packing density <1 cm (in x-y direction).