The Intelligent Optics (IO) Business Area at AOA Xinetics specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of systems which require state-of-the-art integration of optical, electro-optical, and opto-mechanical technologies. It has supplied laser beam control systems as well as adaptive optics systems for over 30 years for government, industrial, and commercial applications including high energy lasers, free space optics, astronomy, and advanced imaging for ISR.

IO has a proven track record of applying innovative solutions in wavefront sensing and correction for a wide variety of beam control applications. It supports all program phases from concept development and system design through prototype, integration, test and evaluation and field support. IO's customer base includes the Air Force Research Labs, Starfire Optical Range, US Army, NASA, DARPA, the High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office, Office of Naval Research, multiple Observatories, Universities and prime contractors.

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