Adaptive Optical Systems

Adaptive Optical System

Large Dynamic Range Automated Focus Compensation System

AOA Xinetics offers complete closed loop wavefront control systems with dedicated tilt control loops. Wavefront control systems use AOA Xinetics discrete or modular deformable mirrors with appropriate wavefront sensors and drive electronics as required by the application. AOA Xinetics has built and delivered fast wavefront sensors and supporting optical systems for aerodynamic and turbulent flow experiments and intra-cavity laser beam cleanup, metrology and characterization of the aberrations within the human eye. All systems come with wavefront reconstruction and control software to allow for seamless integration of multiple control loops and driver systems.

AOA Xinetics has delivered and installed many highly custom AO systems optimized per our customer requirements. Contact us to discuss your application.

High Speed Wavefront Control System

High Speed Wavefront Control System with Dedicated Tilt

  • High bandwidth via low latency parallelized algorithms
  • High stroke using our Surface Parallel Array (SPA) DM
  • High Energy Laser (HEL) compatible using thermally managed DM
  • Woofer-tweeter algorithm development
  • Correcting aero-optic turbulence
  • Laser intra-cavity wavefront control
  • Space qualified applications
  • Bio-medical Microscopy

Case Study: Beaconless Adaptive Optical System

AOA Xinetics developed a prototype adaptive optical system that improved imagery by mitigating the effects of atmospheric turbulence and platform jitter using only the ambient illumination of the target (i.e., no beacon). Integration of several innovative techniques and components were necessary to provide a robust system performance:

  • Correlation wavefront sensing
  • State-of-the-art DMs with woofer/tweeter AO system including integrated tilt control
  • Parallelized algorithm execution on multi-core COTS processor


  • System designed and assembled
  • Software algorithms tested and installed
  • Breadboard AO system integrated with telescope
  • Field tests at multi-km ranges
  • Qualitative and quantitative image resolution improvement

Beaconless AO Field Test Images

No Compensation

No Compensation

Closed Loop Beaconless AO Compensation

Closed Loop Beaconless AO Compensation