Deformable Mirrors

AOA Xinetics has preserved and improved critical deformable mirror technology for nearly 20 years. The lead magnesium niobate (PMN) electroceramic actuators used in the mirrors have characteristics ideal for precision adaptive optics applications. The commercial deformable mirror product has not only helped astronomers see the very beginnings of time, but has also helped ophthalmologists see the very beginnings of eye disease.

AOA Xinetics makes several different active optical devices to enable the optics community to dynamically control the focus, tip / tilt and high / low order wavefront errors found in uncorrected optical systems. All of AOA Xinetics active devices are based upon internally fabricated PMN co-fired actuator stacks or custom PMN actuator geometries. Tip and tilt mirrors are available for high-speed beam steering and/or wavefront tilt compensation. Each deformable mirror comes complete with a driver electronics system and interface hardware to enable the stroke and temporal response required. AOA Xinetics has built and delivered more than 200 mirrors totaling over 25,000 actuators in its nearly 20 years of business.

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