Wavefront Sensors

37 Channel Wavefront System

Compact 37 Channel Wavefront Control System

AOA Xinetics is a leading manufacturer in the development of Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors for scientific applications. In the March 2000 report of the High Energy Laser Executive Review Panel, AOA Xinetics was recognized as the sole US supplier of HEL Wavefront Sensor Systems. Although much of AOA Xinetics' work has used Hartmann wavefront sensors for its closed loop system designs, it has developed significant experience during its history in the design and implementation of other wavefront sensors including curvature sensors, interferometers, and pyramid sensors. AOA Xinetics will design and develop custom wavefront sensors to meet your most demanding measurement needs.

Extended Wavelength Ranges

AOA Xinetics can provide a number of camera and optics options to meet your wavelength requirements. For UV and visible applications AOA Xinetics offers CCD cameras and fused silica or epoxy lenslet arrays. Infrared sensitive CCD, InSb, InGaAs or pyroelectric cameras and KRS5, ZnSe or IR epoxy lenslet arrays are available for measurements beyond 1.0 μm.

Fast Frame Rates

In astronomical adaptive optics and laser communications, camera speed and sensitivity are often the factors that determine the overall performance of a wavefront sensing system. For these situations, AOA Xinetics provides systems that use fast, multiple read out CCDs and real time analysis to drive reconstruction processors and control deformable mirrors.


The trades between WFS resolution, precision and dynamic range can be made with small effort by swapping Monolithic Lenslet Modules (MLM) in the Shack-Hartmann WFS. Many different MLM pitches and focal lengths are available from AOA Xinetics.

Reconstructed OPD

Reconstructed OPD

OPD Fringe Representation

OPD Fringe Representation