mobile device fits in palm

The mobile device above fits in the palm of
the hand and supports 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® communication.

Real-time remote network access software and specialty computers are part of AOA Xinetics' heritage. Equipped with our networking software, systems can be monitored and diagnosed half a world away. Our newest software supports millions of nodes, with fault-tolerant, real-time, any-to-all communication.

Our communications protocols support everything from large, hard-wired industrial systems, to tiny mobile devices such as Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) and temperature tags. We also support wireless Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi® and ZigBee® interfaces.

We also manufacture computers with specialized image processing software for various clients. We generally integrate off-the-shelf processor boards with custom sensor interfaces and software per customer specifications. 

Contact AOX to discuss adding networking capabilities to your devices.

Networking Database Diagram
Real-time remote display for an AOX system

Real-time remote display for an AOX system displays information for system performance monitoring.

ZigBee® is a registered trademark of The ZigBee Alliance. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of the Bluetooth ® SIG. Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.