Past Projects

automated checkout system

Advantage Checkout (ACO)

ACO is the world's first automated checkout system!  Since its creation by AOA Xinetics, the ACO has logged more hours than any other automated system.  And with ring rates greater than 160 items/min, customers checkout 2.4x faster.  Using image scanners on all sides, for bar code reading and optical character recognition (OCR), items are automatically scanned, tracked, and verified.  In addition to reducing labor costs and opening up valuable retail space, cashiers’ full focus can now be dedicated to customer care instead of scanning bar codes.

APPS Data Collection Subsystem (DCS)​

The Automated Package Processing System (APPS) provides the United States Postal Service with a fully integrated, end-to-end system that automatically sorts high volumes of first-class packaged mail, Priority Mail envelopes and parcels, and bundled mail such as magazines or catalogs.  The system is capable of processing more than 9,500 packages an hour with machine printed or handwritten addresses.

The APPS Data Collection Subsystem, developed by AOA Xinetics, provides vital information for the APPS. It determines if the mail stream is spaced sufficiently to avoid mis-sorts by the automated equipment, provides parcel dimensional data, and determines the parcel type (e.g. box, letter bundle, flats bundle). These functions assist in determining an ultimate sorting route. The DCS also communicates with the main system computer and controls the flow of parcels and information while mail is on its subsystem. 

In addition, AOA Xinetics is the service provider for repairs and upgrades.

testing grating light valve-based imaging heads

Computer-to-Plate Commercial Printing

AOA Xinetics manufactures, refurbishes and tests grating light valve-based imaging heads for computer-to-plate printing systems, including spare parts for installed base of systems worldwide. 

high-speed machine-vision and barcode-scanning

Mass Scanning and Dimensioning System (MSDS)

Developed and manufactured by AOA Xinetics, the MSDS integrates high-speed machine-vision and barcode-scanning to improve the handling and distribution of packages.  The system fuses images and three-dimensional contour maps of packages moving at 300 ft/min in real-time.  Reliable measurements and tracking numbers for each parcel are reported to enterprise software for dimensional (volumetric) weight billing.  Odd-shaped packages are identified alongside regularly shaped ones, without the need to seperate them.  The MSDS also offers machine-to-machine (M2M) and human-to-machine (H2M) real-time diagnostics and information display.

In addition, AOA Xinetics has a team of field service personnel dedicated to monitoring, maintaining, and repairing MSDS systems worldwide.

National Ignition Facility Worker

​National Ignition Facility (NIF)

NIF houses the world's largest laser system consisting of 192 laser beams that can deliver 1.8 megajoules of ultraviolet light to targets located at the center of its 10-meter diameter target chamber.  AOA Xinetics has designed and manufactured three different diagnostic modules in support of this project: Input Sensor Packages (ISP), Output Sensor Packages (OSP), and  Light Source Launchers (LSL).  These modules provide a precise alignment reference for NIF’s 192 laser beams and include diagnostics for laser power, energy, and wavefront quality.