3D Profiling

3D profile schematic 3D Profiling Machine Raw camera image of boxes

Raw camera image of boxes on Conveyor (top) and processed 3D Image (bottom).

Height map of teddy bear atop Box of chocolate

Height map of teddy bear atop Box of Valentine's chocolates

3D profiling technology may be the new "killer app" of scene processing. The technology enables gesture recognition, custom product sizing, and dimensioning. It also is key to obstacle avoidance, whether for human piloting or for Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Some of our 3D profiling applications:

  • Dimensioning shipping crates / cartons
  • Shape analysis
  • Materials handling
  • Retail product validation
  • Surface roughness / flatness measurement
  • Robotics

Unlike many profiling technologies that scan a single point-measuring laser to survey a scene, our technology makes as many as 100,000 simultaneous measurements in the blink of an eye. Benefits of our 3D profiling technology:

  • Parallel measurements over large surfaces
  • Measures featureless surfaces
  • Optical measurement
  • Stop-motion
  • Millimeter-class accuracy

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