Some of AOA Xinetics' advantages stem from our proprietary technologies in low-latency computing software, image decoding and enhancement software, three-dimensional (3D) profiling, and precision motion:

  • Low-Latency Computing: We're experts at dataflow processing, where each computation is performed as soon as operands are available. This technology yields faster results, with more predictable timing, and reduced data storage requirements.
  • Image Decoding & Enhancement: Our proprietary software can enhance other bar code decode and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to identify bar codes, lot codes, and expiration dates on retail products. Some of the results are truly dramatic!
  • 3D Profiling: Applications that measure shapes or that fuse data from multiple sensors often benefit from "contour mapping" items. Our proprietary profiling technologies can perform tens of thousands of distance measurements in a single snapshot!
  • Precision Motion: In addition to expertise using brushless DC servomotors and Piezoelectric Transducers (PZTs) for fast precision motion, we also make lead-magnesium-niobate (PMN) actuators. These are similar to PZTs, but have zero hysteresis and produce greater force for a given size.

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