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Space Deployables

With our innovative deployable mechanisms that boast an unmatched 100% on-orbit deployment success rate, Astro is the leading pioneer in space deployable technology structures that have enabled critical complex missions to Earth’s orbit, Mars, and beyond.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our facilities are tailored for the specialized work of space mechanisms and deployables with tooling, environmental control, and advanced testing capabilities for volume production.

AstroMesh Unfurlable Mesh Reflectors

The lightest, stiffest, and most accurate mesh reflector technology ever developed with an industry leading 100% on-orbit deployment success record. Our proprietary mesh technology excels from UHF to Ka band frequencies and above

Space Deployables

Astro has been enabling missions to Earth Orbit, Mars, and beyond with innovative deployable mechanisms and deployables with an unmatched 100% on-orbit deployment success

Since 1958, Astro Aerospace has been a leader and pioneer in creating the technologies for space deployable structures. Astro's stellar 100% on-orbit deployment success record on hundreds of flight units and our continuing commitment to high quality means reliable space deployable products for your program. Whether it's a new application of existing technology or a challenging application requiring new mechanization and detailed engineering, Astro Aerospace’s commitment to reliability, quality, and affordability ensures that your needs will be met quickly and reliably.