JIB Monopoles

Deployable Structures for Space Applications

100 % On-Orbit Deployment Success

Extendible Support Structure (ESS)First introduced in 1963 the JIB Monopole antenna is a workhorse of Astro's deployable antenna product line. With more than 1000 units deployed on-orbit it has proven itself to be a robust and 100% reliable solution for multiple applications; from the Gemini and Apollo manned space programs through the current GPS constellation utilized in numerous configurations, the JIB Monopole has worked every time.

Extendible Support Structure (ESS)The antenna is a stored energy monopole that deploys typically in 200 milliseconds. Various antenna release mechanizations have been used such as: Pyrotechnic, Nitinol, Burn-wire, or Frangibolt. External release configurations using customer supplied hardware can also be accommodated. The stowed package is one of the smallest available and most compact for a deployable antenna of a given size. It is suitable for tight volume applications such as Cube Sats. The unit comes in diameters from 0.25" up to 2" for impedance matching in lengths from 12 inches to 25 feet. Typical usage is for a VHF or UHF antenna or as a broadband receive antenna with lengths to 10 feet.

Extendible Support Structure (ESS) JIB Deployment Sequence