M5 Network Security / Secure Communications System

The M5 Secure Communications System (SCS) is a next-generation secure communications solution for military, government and large corporations. The SCS has been designed to allow mobile teams to exchange data most efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively.

The SCS products have been specifically designed for operation by non-IT specialists. The SCS-100, SCS-200 and SCS-400 devices feature intuitive graphical user interfaces that allow one-touch set up and simple configuration. To further assist the user, the system utilises network traffic, SNMP, and event log data to detect and repair faults and provide clear advice on system or device status. The System also features remote administration capabilities through the SCS-NMS if the user requires any additional assistance.

Secure Communications Systems Overview

Each SCS device can manage multiple simultaneous external connections and select the optimal communications path based on performance and/or monetary considerations. Further, the SCS can sense and automatically establish connections with other SCS devices on the same network, further enhancing the communications paths at a system level.

Key Features:

  • In-built cyber-security detects suspicious and malicious activity and unauthorised connections
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Crypto-agnostic, allowing re-use of clients’ current encryption system investments
  • Powered by AC, DC or in-built battery, either individually or concurrently
  • Graphical user interfaces for intuitive use without technical training
  • In-built GPS, allowing location tracking
  • Remote administration and monitoring capability
  • Suitable for military, governmental and commercial use

To learn more about the individual components of the Secure Communications System, click on the links below: