About MPS


Microelectronics Products and Services (MPS) provides commercial access to Northrop Grumman’s state-of-the-art Advanced Semiconductor Foundry. The foundry has a history of facilitating technological advancements that have allowed Northrop Grumman to redefine the commercial telecommunications industry.

  • Our advanced GaN processing created the highest output power at Ka-band frequencies (2015).
  • We provided the first GaAs chipsets for the V-band (2001), E-band (2004), and W-band (2002) frequency ranges.
  • Our GaAs HEMT chipset (under the Velocium Products label) enabled the 23/26 and 38 GHz point-to-point wireless telecom market (2001).
  • Our GaAs HBT process sparked the cell phone power amplifier revolution of the late 1990s.

MPS continues to lead the way forward by leveraging its expertise in GaAs, InP, and GaN technologies to provide discriminating MMICs in wireless E-band telecom, W-band radar, and satcom high power amplifiers.


We provide high quality millimeter- and submillimeter-wave semiconductor products and foundry services to global OEMs, sub-system vendors, and the defense industry.


Our manufactured products are deployed in a broad range of applications from wireless telecommunications equipment, wideband communication systems, and millimeter-wave imaging to fiber optics.


Our current catalog of MMIC products include a full range of high-performance amplifiers, mixers, and complimentary components operating above 86 GHz, including new THz-speed modules. We will soon be offering an E-band chipset and GaN satcom power amplifiers.


Our defense critical foundry offers customers proven and reliable indium phosphide (InP), gallium arsenide (GaAs), and gallium nitride (GaN) foundry services. Optional services include product design, on-wafer testing, dicing, picking and visual inspection.