Customer Support

Purchasing Information
Purchase orders may be placed by fax or e-mail.  In order to process the purchase orders, the “AS MMIC Standard Products” Order Form (FP2) must be filled out and signed. Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems will either send the form to the customer for completion or fill out the information. To complete the order, the FP2 form needs to be signed both by Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems (NGAS) and the customer.

Samples, Quotes, Orders and Support
When placing orders or requests for quotations, samples or technical support, please refer to the NGAS part number.

NGAS guarantees that each component meets the specifications as provided in the component's datasheet.

Prices for standard items are available through our current unpublished price lists.  Quotes on standard and custom requirements are available through NGAS's Sales Representatives or directly through our sales office. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Export Regulations
Items manufactured by NGAS are controlled for export either under the regulations of the United States Department of Commerce or Department of State. For international orders, quoted delivery does not include the time required for export license approval, if needed. Please contact your Sales Representative for the required documentation needed by NGAS to apply for an export license.

Federal Express will be used. ITAR controlled items being exported out of the United States under an approved State Department export license will only be shipped using approved Northrop Grumman freight forwarders.

Payment Terms
Payment terms are net 30 days for approved customers.  To be considered for open terms, please provide NGAS with one bank reference, three trade references, and a D&B number if available. Other payment options are cash in advance. Remittance should be payable to "Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems"

Terms and Conditions
All sales of Products and Services by NGAS under the AS Standard Products Order Form (FP2) are subject to certain terms of sale. These terms of sale are attached to and made a part of the FP2 and are distributed upon a Buyer's presentation of a qualified purchase order.