Product Applications

MMIC Product Applications

Northrop Grumman MPS Millimeter-Wave MMIC products are an important building block for a number of high frequency applications.

communication tower




Our W-Band MMIC Chipset can be used in FCC approved Radio Links at 92-95 GHz. At these Frequencies there is limited degradation of signal due to oxygen absorption.

Landing Sytems
Airplane Landing Systems




Millimeter-Wave Products can be used in systems that allow pilots to "see" and detect obstacles and hazards under difficult flying conditions, such as Fog, Smoke and Darkness.

Debris Detection
Debris Detection Radar




One example of this is Debris Detection. Small obstacles and debris on a runway can be fatal to an airplane that is landing. Millimeter-wave imaging can assist in picking up small objects that would not be visible unless a close inspection was done and improve landing safety.

Industrial and Security Scanning
Industrial and Security Scanning Systems



Another application of Millimeter-Wave imaging is object detection for both industrial theft prevention and personel screening at locations such as airports, courthouses and other places where objects such as weapons, explosives and other contraband could cause a threat to the security of people at these locations. Millimeter-Wave imaging allows objects to be detected due to temperature difference between the human body and metal or non-metal objects. An advantage of mm-wave radiation over traditional X-ray is that it is non-ionizing, and there are no known hazards or risks to human health.

Science and Medical Application
Science and Medical Equipment



Our Millimeter-Wave MMICs are also used by scientists to investigate the universe with such applications as Radio Astronomy, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) and Electron Spin Resonance (ESR). Our products can be used in medical imaging products that can be used to detect tumors.