Cr, Tm, Ho:YAG (2080 nm)


CTH:YAG Advantages
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CTH:YAG data table

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High-efficiency 2 µm source
Laser diode sources can pump the strong 780nm Tm3+ ion absorption line
Operates in a relatively eye-safe wavelength range
Ordering Options and Specifications
​   %Cr Concentration:   0.85%
%Tm Concentration:​​ 5.9%
%Ho Concentration:
Wavefront Distortion (per inch of rod length): <l/2
End Face Parallelism:
​<30 arc seconds
Material Properties
Formula:  Cr3+, Tm3+, Ho3+:Y3Al5O12
Crystal Orientation:
Cubic [111]
4.7 g/cm3
Index of Refraction:
​1.80 at 2080 nm                           
Fluorescence Lifetime:
8.5 ms
Emission Cross Section2:
7 x 10-21 cm2

More Information

Rod Lengths: 3 mm -152.4 mm
Rod Diameters
: 2 mm - 12.7 mm