KTP (KTiOPO4 - Potassium Titanyl Phosphate)


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KTP Datasheet

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Harmonic Generation / Frequency Doubling:
Optically transparent between 0.35µm - 3.5µm
Optical Parametric Oscillator​: High harmonic conversion efficiency
Electro-optic Pockels Cells:
Damage thresholds up to 1 GW/cm2
Quasi Phase Matching:
Thermally and mechanically stable
Available Sizes
1 mm x 1 mm x 3 mm minimum, contact SYNOPTICS for maximum size capabilities
Hydrothermal Growth
Our KTP is grown Hydrothermally to insure homogenous, consistent properties
Material Properties​
​     Crystal Structure: Orthorhombic, Space Group Pna 21
Lattice Parameters:
a=12.814Â, b=6.404Â, c=10.616Â
Melting Point:
​~1150°C with Partial Decomposition
Mohs Hardness:
Density​: 3.03 g/cm3
Specific Heat: 0.1737 cal/g°C
Thermal Conductivity:
​​k1=2.0, k2=3.0, k3=3.3 (x10-2 W/cm/°C)
Absorption Loss @ 1.064mm:
< 1%/cm
Nonlinear Optical Coefficients (x10-12 m/V):
d31=6.5, d32=5.0, d33=13.7, d24=7.6, d15=6.1
Refractive Indices @ 1.064mm​: nx=1.740, ny=1.747, nz=1.830
Refractive Indices @.532mm:
​nx=1.779, ny=1.790, nz=1.887
Type Phase Matching:
Type II
Phase Matching Angle @1.064mm: 24° to x in xy plane
Temperature Bandwidth​: 25 °C-cm