Neodymium: Gadolinium Vanadate (Nd:GdVO4)


Gadolinium vanadate doped with neodymium, Nd:GdVO4, is a promising material for diode pumped lasers. Like neodymium doped yttrium vanadate, the gadolinium vanadate exhibits a larger absorption and emission cross section compared to Nd:YAG. In fact, Nd:GdVO4 has a 7-times higher absorption cross section at 808nm and a 3-times larger emission cross section at 1.06µm than does Nd:YAG (Ref. 1). Nd:GdVO4 has the additional advantage over Nd:YVO4 of a much higher thermal conductivity.

General Specifications
Nd:GdVO4 absorption spectrum
Nd:GdVO4 data table
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Laser wavelengths (Ref. 5):
​1062.9 nm
Polarization: ​Parallel to c-axis
Radiative lifetime(microseconds)
at 1% Nd doping:
​~ 95 µs
(Ref. 5)
Pump wavelength (Ref. 5):
​808.4 nm
Peak pump absorption
at 1% doping (Ref. 5)​:
​~ 57 cm-1
Thermal conductivity, W/mK:
​11.7(Ref. 7)
Doping concentration range:
​0.1 - 3.0%
Other possible dopants:
​Tm, Ho, Er
Material Properties
Crystal Structure, Space Group​      Tetragonal, I41/amd
(Ref. 4)
Lattice constants, nm
​a: 0.721
0.635  (Ref. 4)
Melting temperature, °C
​1780 (Ref. 6)
Thermal expansion @25°C, x1-6/°C a: 1.5
b: 7.3  (Ref. 4)
Specific heat @25°C, cal/mol K 32.6  (Ref. 4)
dn / dT, x10-6/°C 4.7  (Ref. 4)


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