AN/ALQ-162(V)6 Countermeasures System


The ALQ-162 countermeasures set is a compact, lightweight system that provides self-protection against a wide variety of sophisticated continuous wave (CW) and pulse Doppler (PD) terminal radar threats. The recent addition of microwave power module (MPM) technology more than doubles the system's output power.

The ALQ-162 can be installed in pod, pylon or internal configurations. The (V)6 configuration is designed around existing system architecture, allowing deployed systems to be easily retrofitted with simple card and motherboard replacement. Due to its open architecture, all existing and planned enhancements to the ALQ-162 will be retrofitable into existing systems, allowing present customers to continually enhance and upgrade their existing inventory at a low cost.

ALQ-162 Benefits

  • Combat proven; currently in use by all U.S. Armed Forces and several allied nations
  • Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) technology enables system to defeat PD while continuing to counter CW threats
  • A true stand-alone ECM system – does not require separate radar warning receiver
  • Automatic built-in test (BIT) system containing continuous and initiated BITs performing complete systems monitoring for a 95 percent fault protection rate

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