Services Capabilities

  • Chemical & Materials Test Services using world class equipment & facilities for chemical analyses & material characterization
  • Precision equipment with extensive analytical ranges, and high resolution to perform elemental, chemical, contamination, thermal property, gas mixture and failure analyses
  • Detailed List of Chemistry Capabilities

  • Versatile labs and large engineering laboratory areas can be easily converted into resources for proof-of-concept prototyping
Industry Liaisons
  • We work with Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awardees in both Phase I and Phase II of federal funding
  • Small businesses and aerospace startup companies utilize the resources of Northrop Grumman's Chemistry Laboratories
  • Chemistry Laboratories provide applicable recommendations and technical guidance navigating the markets of the aerospace & defense industry
  • The experience and technical expertise of the Chemistry Laboratories team is a part of every effort
  • Collaboration to build the right test setup and experimental plans
  • Let our experts work through your technical challenges!