Aerospace Services

Chemistry ServicesChemistry ServicesEnvironmental TestingRadiation TestingTEMPEST ServicesAntenna TestingRadiation TestingMetrology ServicesMetrology ServicesElectromagnetic Environmental Effects ServicesAntenna Testing

Chemistry Services

We specialize in failure analysis and material characterization.

Chemistry Services

With state-of-the-art Chemistry Labs, we perform investigative testing and analysis.

Environmental Testing

In our thermal cycle and thermal vacuum chambers, we measure systems from units to full space vehicles.

Radiation Testing

Radiation Measurements — from piece parts to units, we perform characterization testing of electronics.

TEMPEST Services

We offer TEMPEST test capabilities, certified to the NSA TEMPEST Endorsement Program.

Antenna Testing

Antenna testing encompasses air, space and ground systems with scan planes as large as 40' X 47'.

Radiation Testing

We measure the effects of radiation on devices, circuits and materials.

Metrology Services

From DC to light, we calibrate and measure to the highest industry standards.

Metrology Services

ISO 17025 accredited, we offer extensive calibration and measurement services.

Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Services

EEE experts design and test for electromagnetic interference and compatibility (EMI/EMC).

Antenna Testing

We can test antennas operating at frequencies from 100 MHz to 65 GHz.

"We use our unique engineering and test capabilities to solve tough problems for our customers."

          —Lynn Abelson, General Manager of Aerospace Services

Northrop Grumman Aerospace Services offers comprehensive engineering, testing and analysis services for the aerospace, healthcare, energy, electronics, manufacturing and other advanced technology industries. With a broad array of testing facilities and an experienced technical staff, we solve challenging problems for our customers. We deliver credible test results that meet stringent U.S. military, NASA and commercial standards. We provide tailored solutions that meet customer’s technical, cost and schedule requirements.

We offer our world class laboratories, engineering and testing services within the following domains: