Wideband Communication Links

Wideband Communication Links

Multi-Gigabit Space-to-Ground Communications Products

Leverage decades of high bandwidth space-to-ground application experience

Northrop Grumman is a leader in the development and manufacture of multi-gigabit-per-second Kt and Ka band communication links, with more than three decades of experience successfully integrating gigabit links into high performance space missions.

The company’s proven TRL-8/9 links have been designed for high-reliability Class A missions and include full redundancy at rates up to 9.0 Gbps. Link subsystems accommodate a range of spacecraft configurations, including both entirely inboard transmitter assemblies and assemblies incorporating a separate gimbaled RF compartment.

Emerging product offerings provide enhanced terminal integration, miniaturization, and standards-based channel encoding. Ground products offer software-defined radio flexibility and demodulation up to 9.0 Gbps in a compact, commercial standards-based platform.

In addition to turnkey gigabit link assemblies, Northrop Grumman offers wideband communication components for space applications.

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