Airborne SIGINT Product Line

Airborne SIGINT Product Line Trailer C4ISRAirborne SIGINT Product Line C4ISR

Airborne SIGINT Product Line Trailer C4ISR

Airborne SIGINT Product Line C4ISR

Meeting the challenge of evolving and emerging threats

Around the globe, modulated, encrypted and multiplexed signals are increasing in number, type and complexity, creating challenges for signal surveillance and exploitation.

Today’s and tomorrow’s airborne payloads require advanced, open, scale-able and modular architectural designs, with robust and rapidly updateable software and technical implementation to meet these challenges of modern more complex signal/emitter identification, geo-location and exploitation capabilities. 

Advanced Solutions for Airborne Signal Intelligence

Northrop Grumman, in partnership with the U.S. government, develops modern, integrated airborne SIGINT payloads that are affordable, scalable and sustainable for a variety of airborne platforms. The AN/ASQ-230 Airborne Signals Intelligence Payload (ASIP) program addresses today’s critical challenges and the APEX system today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.  General designs, integration and differentiating capabilities include:


  • Advanced algorithms for signal exploitation
  • Cross-cueing capability for tactically responsive actions
  • Collection and exploitation in dense signal environments
  • Emphasis on use of COTS products
  • Modular design
  • Software upgradeability for rapid response to new and emerging threats
  • Greater operational flexibility in support of warfighters, with common designs shared among platforms
  • Reduced complexity in operations, maintenance and logistics support
  • Reduced need for signal-specific hardware, based on greater leverage of COTS, commercial development
  • Robust design for extreme environments (heat, cold, unpressurized, vibration)