Argus is an ISR PED application that facilitates COMINT Data Collection and Mission Forensics for Northrop Grumman’s Airborne SIGINT Product Line sensors, including the CSS-1500 and CSS-4000. Argus leverages data visualization technology to provide an interactive, dynamic environment for large scale data analysis. The data collection capability provides a new paradigm for collecting and visualizing COMINT data. Argus supports both real-time and forensic processing of collected COMINT data. It greatly eases the operator workload, and provides the SIGINT analyst with powerful tools to rapidly assess the signal environment.

Argus processes and analyzes the SIGINT data collected from the Airborne SIGINT sensor. This provides a data mining capability that gives analysts tools to visualize data and then sort, organize and categorize it dynamically, resulting in correlations and trends that become immediately apparent in visually interactive formats including heat maps, customizable graphs, and geospatial displays. Argus is ideally suited for performing SIGINT Mission Optimization, Visualization of Collected SIGINT Data and Threat Discovery.