Business Process Components and Capabilities

BPM Components

Orchestrating the interaction between departments and even between organizations helps generate significant return on investment. Northrop Grumman offers two commercial products that accelerate the deployment of business process solutions:


By connecting people with business transactions and information technology, e.POWER delivers the value of business process management and online solutions. e.POWER combines the innovative use of process automation and application integration to deliver substantial online solutions. For more information see e.POWER™.

Designed to be the framework for a wide range of electronic submission-based systems, InFlowSuite can be rapidly tailored and deployed to meet the needs of a specific agency or submission process by altering simple, easily maintained rule sets. The functionality of the InFlowSuite framework can be extended to meet special customer, agency, or submission requirements through the use of custom developed components or through the introduction of commercial off-the-shelf software. This adaptability makes InFlowSuite the perfect solution for a wide range of e-Government applications. For more information see InFlowSuite.



Successful BPM solutions start with direct communications with the business process stakeholders – initiators, reviewers, approvers and fulfillers, as well as the process owner. Stakeholders understand process subtleties. Experienced BPM consultants understand process possibilities. With e.Strategy, a process-oriented methodology, consultants and stakeholders assess the rules, procedures, and information identifying the best process solution for each engagement.

Typical BPM Solutions

FORTUNE 100 Financial Management
GLOBAL PHARMACEUTICAL Companies Clinical Trials Automation
NEW YORK CITY Claims Processing & Payments
IOWA DOT Engineering Change Management
NAVAL SYSTEMS COMMAND (NAVAIR) Business & Mission Process Automation
FAIRFAX COUNTY SCHOOLS Education Assessments

  • Organizational Change - assists clients to identify and manage the organizational change issues that accompany strategic transformation and gauges:
    • Management commitment
    • Organizational structure and cultural issues
    • Change Management, Communications, and New Business Practices
    • Personnel skills and capabilities
  • Business Process Management Strategy - determining the current state of an organization, defining the target Best Practice state, and developing specific action plans that detail the transformation to the target Best Practices End-State
  • Solution Creation and Deployment - BPM Business Rules, Workflow Assessment, software & integration
  • Quality Management
    • Develop Metrics & Measures
    • Optimize the process
    • Continuous education and training

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