Business Process Improvement to Transformation

Organizations may seek small, incremental improvements to existing processes or major returns based on redesigned processes or restructured organizations. Process automation and management offers a range of opportunities to improve outcomes, achieve best practices, increase quality and reduce costs.

In every case, assessing current processes, identifying information dependencies, and measuring the potential for improvements provides a guide for the cost/benefit of putting the process online.

Processes with high value information benefit from business process management regardless of the objective:

  • Certification/Licensing
  • Case/Claims Management
  • Contracts/Grants
  • Education Assessment
  • Engineering Change
  • Financial Management
  • Human Capital
  • Workers' Compensation

From small process upgrades to complete process transformations, Northrop Grumman's BPM consultants use best practices to help create successful outcomes.

Business Process Transformation

Once a process is online, it is possible to redesign and re-implement the process or even restructure the organization resulting in major business process transformation. Developing shared service models or even outsourcing elements of the process are possible for higher impact returns.

Business Process Improvement

Using proven technologies, most business processes benefit from eliminating or reducing paper, coordinating workflow and enforcing business rules. With small investments in training and technology, returns offer a quick payback.

Northrop Grumman offers capabilities from consulting services with e.Strategy, a process-oriented methodology, to a process architecture for e-Submission, to a business process management platform, e.POWER. In addition, Northrop Grumman provides templates based on successfully deployed customer solutions.