Command, Control, Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC)

C2BMC Dynamically Integrates and Coordinates BMDS Assets to Increase System Performance Throughout the Battlespace.

C2BMC enables integrated ballistic missile defense.

  • Enables collaborative planning, ensuring common courses of action
  • Provides common situational awareness for battlespace synchronization
  • Nets sensors, maximizing ability to detect and track all threats
  • Coordinates weapon system engagements
  • Integrates BMD capabilities through global networks
C2BMC extends the range and performance of BMDS assets, enabling global, coordinated missile defense.
  • Identifies and tracks multiple threats concurrently
  • Adjusts BMDS resources dynamically to maintain multiple threats in the engagement zone through all phases of flight
  • Engages multiple threats concurrently
C2BMC delivers decision superiority to warfighters and battlefield commanders.
  • Provides situational awareness
  • Evaluates threats
  • Recommends courses of action
  • Executes coordinated, integrated ballistic missile defense