Command and Control Compact Edition (C2CE)

The U.S. Marine Corps needed a wireless PDA application to serve as a position location and navigation device and to provide tactical situational awareness. Intended for platoon commanders and other foot-mobile Marines, the application had to let them see and edit the Common Tactical Picture. And, the application had to work over existing tactical radios. To meet these requirements, Northrop Grumman developed Command and Control Compact Edition (C2CE).

A Windows Mobile® situation awareness tool, C2CE obtains and displays the Common Tactical Picture (CTP) through a wireless link to a Command and Control PC (C2PC). This link is optimized for use over low bandwidth channels common to tactical environments. Friendly, hostile, neutral and unknown contacts are displayed (correctly geo-referenced) on a full color map or on satellite imagery, along with the user’s GPS position, overlay graphics and routes.