Command and Control Personal Computer (C2PC)

C2PC Brings the Tactical Picture to the Desktop – Supported by Robust Planning Tools, Decision Aids and Display Capabilities

In the news: Northrop Grumman Maintains Contract to Deliver Command and Control Software

Real-time situational awareness is mission critical for America’s military operations. A native Windows®-based application is needed to share and edit the Common Operational Picture (COP) across multiple workstations and among multiple agencies. In addition, the application needs to support operations in moving vehicles and work over tactical radios. The solution – Command and Control Personal Computer (C2PC) from Northrop Grumman.

Developed for the U.S. Marine Corps, C2PC displays the COP from a Global Command and Control System (GCCS)-based server or tactical data from other C2PC workstations. Users can view and edit the COP, apply overlays, display imagery, send and receive tactical messages and gain overall battlefield situational awareness.