SPEED: Collaborating with small businesses to accelerate delivery of cutting-edge technologies to warfighters

Small businesses with cutting-edge ideas — but limited resources — can reach their potential through our Small Business Program for Engineering, Experimentation and Deployment (SPEED).

SPEED is designed to assist smaller enterprises in developing and deploying technology into current and future Defense Department programs. By facilitating small-business innovation, Northrop Grumman broadens its network of “idea factories.” By merging the inventive ideas with our understanding of open architectures and C2 (command and control) systems, integration expertise and knowledge of defense programs, we offer a higher success rate for those ideas and can more rapidly deliver superior capabilities to our warfighters.

SPEEDIn tandem with our national network of advanced technology test and integration laboratories, SPEED is a unique, dynamic partnership endeavor that enables us to deliver the most sophisticated technologies and information dominance to the modern warfighter. SPEED can:

  • Develop capabilities while retaining intellectual property rights
  • Support projects with internal research and development
  • Team with small business for demonstrations and experiments (Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration, Trident Warrior, Empire Challenge, etc.).

Shorter development cycles and faster deployment dictate early integration of advanced technologies. We concentrate on integrating new C2 concepts and commercial innovation to create cost-effective, warfighter-centered solutions. We believe this is critical, especially during time of budgetary constraints.

In our advanced technology labs, technology promises are realized under the SPEED concept. Northrop Grumman’s Modular Open Systems Approach-Competitive™ (MOSA-C™) model ensures “plug and play” of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and open source products. Our near-operational environment allows us to integrate prototype capabilities with programs of record, demonstrate and benchmark them, so that we can deliver low-risk, fully tested solutions to the warfighter.

To learn more, please contact:

Lee Whitt
SPEED Technical Director