Common Mission Management System (CMMS)

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The Common Mission Management System (CMMS) organization is revolutionizing the way control systems for unmanned aircraft are designed, built, and managed.


Over the past two decades, control systems have been independently developed for each unmanned aircraft, designed by separate teams driven to meet unique customer requirements. For example, a Global Hawk team built a control system based on a unique Global Hawk design.

This is no longer best practice as this model forces higher customization and therefore costs to the customer. Today’s unmanned technology needs control systems that have common features and are flexible enough to operate more than one type of unmanned aircraft. By adapting many needs into one control system, time and money can be saved, while also providing customers with the most advanced system possible to command and control their unmanned fleets.

Our Solution

Recognizing the need for a dramatic paradigm shift, Northrop Grumman established a single organization called CMMS, dedicated to developing affordable control systems for all Northrop Grumman unmanned products. This system will have a common, service-oriented and open architecture design based on industry standards. Now instead of each program building their own control system, CMMS team members will work from a common baseline to tailor a system that can be used across our entire portfolio.

The CMMS product line is growing in maturity and implementation, evidenced by recent flight demonstrations ranging from mission management of small tactical unmanned vehicles to the strategic High Altitude, Long Endurance (HALE) systems such as Global Hawk and Triton.

By building a technological foundation and encouraging collaboration across our entire portfolio, CMMS will not only leverage “best of breed” technology solutions but be able to offer customers various control system options that allow seamless interoperability, rapid-fire data dissemination, and the power to swiftly incorporate advanced capabilities. We are your one-stop shop for command and control systems from small to large, both mobile and stationary.

The CMMS organization is not simply a change in design – it’s a change in philosophy.

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