Chukar III Aerial Target

Chukar III Aerial Target

Program Overview

Fighter Aircraft and Cruise Missile Emulation for weapon Systems Testing, Evaluation and Training.

The Chukar III is a turbojet-powered aerial target with high performance capabilities. Used by multiple customers for realistic aerial defense exercises, the target and its ground support system are highly portable. This enables the Chukar III to be operated from remote land sites or deployed for shipboard operations where maximum flexibility and rapid turnaround are required.

ChukarI II Aerial Target


The primary mission of the Chukar III aerial target is to emulate enemy tactical cruise missiles or fighter/strike aircraft. It can be fitted with a variety of augmentation devices to enhance its use as a threat simulator for weapons training. Systems employed against the Chukar III include anti-aircraft guns, surface-to-air missiles, and air-to-air missiles employing active or semi-active radar homing, IR seekers, and visual guidance systems. Flying as low as fifteen feet (five meters) and at speeds up to 525 knots, the Chukar III can execute six-g maneuvers, pop-up profiles, and high-g escape, either autonomously or manually.

A Total Training Solution

The Chukar III target system includes all of the elements necessary to provide a total training solution. The command and control system enables simultaneous multiple target engagements using waypoint navigation with Global Positioning System (GPS) accuracy. Target payloads include passive and active augmentation, infrared (IR) flares and plumers, chaff, scoring, and dual deployable tow bodies. Tow body payloads include active augmentation, IR flares, and scoring.

Internationally Fielded

Fielded in eleven countries around the world, the Chukar III is based on the U.S. Navy's BQM-74 which has been used for over 80% of the Navy's target missions since 1978. With a high degree of operational availability and demonstrated reliability, the Chukar III provides a cost effective system solution unrivalled by other products.