Citadel Enterprise Battle Command System

Enterprise Battle Command System

Why the need for Citadel?

Today’s air and missile defenders across the globe operate against an ever increasing, multidimensional threat in a highly complex and congested air battlespace. These defenders are required to make rapid “life-or-death” engagement decisions, often based on only partial or ambiguous information. Developed from broad experience for coalition partners and allies, Northrop Grumman’s Citadel Enterprise Battle Command System delivers an integrated C4I system to international customers to enable and execute effective air and missile defense (AMD).

The Citadel system minimizes ambiguity by effectively networking all sensors and shooters into a holistic, joint command and control system of-systems AMD architecture which, for the first time, enables the commander and operators to benefit from a true Single Integrated Air Picture. As a result, with Citadel, commanders and operators can see further, understand faster, react more quickly, and engage earlier with higher confidence while reducing the chances for fratricide and the wastage of limited interceptor inventory.

Interoperable and Affordable

The Citadel system is built on a modern, modular open system  architecture using commercial standards that enables low cost and affordable systems integration of current force and future Air and Missile Defense systems. Citadel builds upon US Standard C4I systems architecture, and may provide nations that acquire the system interoperability with US and coalition forces.

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