Civil Financial

Civil Financial

Civil Financial

Systems and solutions provided to financial mission-oriented organizations with an emphasis on collection and processing of financial-related data and financial fraud detection.

Experts in big data analytics partner with financial mission-oriented organizations to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation’s financial system and for the nation’s security. By rapidly automating and simplifying the collection, processing and analysis of complex data, Northrop Grumman civil financial solutions help safeguard financial systems, market users and the public. The areas of expertise are data analytics, submission processing, regulatory compliance and fraud detection.


Submission ProcessingSubmission Processing

Solutions that automate the entire submission process lifecycle to rapidly ingest very large and complex data sets in high volumes


Data AnalyticsData Analytics

Integrated collection, analysis and publication of financial and market data leveraging systems that connect disparate data to identify actionable financial and market information


Fraud Detection & PreventionFraud Detection & Prevention

Providing solutions that deter and detect criminal activity and safeguard financial systems, protect market users and the public