Commercial Nuclear Power Services

Commercial Nuclear Power Services 

Located in Sykesville, MD approximately 25 miles west of Baltimore, NGCEC is part of the business unit that has been designing and building nuclear Instrumentation and Control (I&C) systems since the beginning of the industry. Our focus is on safety and mission-critical applications involving Nuclear Reactor Control and Protection Systems, Machinery Control Systems, and Power Conversion and Distribution Systems. NGCEC is a self-contained business unit with all the resources and facilities necessary to service our customers’ requirements including:

  • Engineering Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Logistics(Training and Spares) 
  • Contracts Management
  • Drafting
  • Material Procurement
  • Test
  • Post Delivery Support (24/7)
  • Program Management
  • Financial Management

Today, we offer a full service organization that manages the design, build, and sustainment of complex instrumentation and control systems. We design and manufacture nuclear related I&C systems in accordance with the highest standards of reliability and qualification for specific operating parameters including temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, seismic, noise, electro-magnetic interference, and radio frequency interference. We are well aware of the process and configuration control requirements mandated by current industry regulations as well as the underlying standards and guidance from ASME, IEEE, and EPRI.

Prior to the sale of this division to Northrop Grumman, we were the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and sole source supplier for nuclear related instrumentation and control systems for Westinghouse Commercial Pressurized Water Reactors safety and non-safety systems including:

Commercial Nuclear Power Services
  • Radiation Monitoring System (Process, Effluent, Area)
  • Nuclear Instrumentation System
  • Rod Position Indication System
  • Rod Control System
  • Main Control Boards
  • Reactor Protection Logic System
  • Boron Concentration Meters
  • Incore Instrumentation System
  • Solid State Protection Systems and Engineered Safeguards Actuation Logic
  • Technical Support Center (Post Accident Monitoring/Display System)

We also design, manufacture, and support a wide variety of I&C systems including:

  • EDG Control Systems
  • Generator Voltage Regulators
  • Propulsion Turbine Control Systems
  • Turbine Control Systems
  • Adjustable Speed AC & DC Drives
  • AC & DC Power Distribution Systems
  • Steam Plant Control Systems
  • Static Frequency Converters
  • High Reliability AC & DC Power Converters
  • Low Noise Power Converters