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Andrew Tyler

Chief Executive
Northrop Grumman UK & Europe

Andrew Tyler is chief executive, Northrop Grumman United Kingdom and Europe. In this role since 2013, Tyler has responsibility for the company's portfolio across the European region including F-35, NATO's High Altitude Long Endurance aircraft (NATO AGS), U.K.'s Sentry AWACS programme, and numerous other programmes across land, air, cyber and maritime domains.

Prior to Northrop Grumman he was chief executive at Siemens Marine Current Turbines and before that, chief operating officer at Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) in the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MOD).

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Kathy Warden

Corporate VP, President
Northrop Grumman Information Systems

Kathy Warden oversees large-scale, mission-critical systems and complex hardware and software products internationally in areas such as command, control and communications; Cyber Security and identity management; homeland security; health, public safety and enterprise infrastructure; and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and ground systems. Most recently Kathy was sector vice president and general manager, Cyber Intelligence Division, Northrop Grumman Information Systems.

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Vern Boyle

Director of Technology
Northrop Grumman Information Systems
Cyber Division

Vern Boyle is the director of technology for Northrop Grumman's Cyber division, focused on emerging technologies and research and development investments that support customer missions in defence and intelligence.

As the director of technology, Mr. Boyle leads the Advanced Cyber Technology Centre, a global collaborative environment with locations in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. Areas of emphasis for the centre include cybersecurity, signals intelligence, information operations, full-spectrum cyber operations, and resilient networks and platforms. Northrop Grumman partners with universities and small- to medium-size enterprises in each location to develop these technologies based on customers' challenges.

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Cloud Analytic Platform

Cloud Analytic Platform

Northrop Grumman's Cloud Analytic Platform (CAP) is a big data appliance, built on open-source software and designed to efficiently run mission-critical, high-volume cyber analytics. Expandable from its 2.5 TB RAM, 260 TB, half-rack baseline system, CAP features best-in class ingest and analytic speed and a robust interface to monitor and optimise performance of hardware and analytic services, jobs and algorithms. Using CAP's open architecture, customers can quickly add their own mission analytics and workflows.

Cyber Resilience

Cyber Resilience

It is impossible to guarantee a system will never experience failure or compromise, but we must ensure that even these compromised systems can finish their missions. Northrop Grumman's cyber resilience capabilities serve as contingencies for compromised networks and platforms to sustain basic functionality or restore to an optimal state. These capabilities include fractionated, morphable and reconstituting architectures, as well as dynamic rollback to an uncompromised state.


Cyber Situational Awareness

This suite is a set of web-based tools developed for rapidly visualising, sharing and understanding cyber datasets. User-defined maps of IP-space visually correlate cyber events and datasets to enhance understanding of critical behaviour on global and enterprise-scale networks. Additionally, a unique modular, analytics framework makes 'big data' analytic techniques available to a broad user base.



SPECTRE is a fly-away, man-portable kit with COTS and open source incident response, malware detection, forensics, and cyber hunt tools to support collection, detection, analysis, and reporting of cyber events. Modular and scalable, SPECTRE is designed to provide its own communications and operate securely in a compromised environment.

Trusted Mobility Secure Communications System

Trusted Mobility:
Secure Communications System

The Secure Communications System (SCS) is a next-generation secure communications solution for the military, government and large corporations that allows mobile teams to exchange data efficiently, securely and cost effectively. The devices within the system form a meshed network, capable of dynamically reconstituting and reforming as the environment changes. Devices are able to communicate directly to each other without the requirement to route via a gateway.

Trusted Mobility TEMPO

Trusted Mobility:

TEMPO is an integrated enterprise mobility platform that provides a holistic approach to managing the technical, policy and security gaps present in today's fragmented mobile ecosystem. TEMPO's integrated platform includes mobile device management, mobile application security, mobile content management, mobile identity and access controls, and mobile threat management.



A full-spectrum platform solution that fuses cyber and signals intelligence, for end-to-end mission capabilities. FUSION™ provides multiple mission scenarios targeted for specific customer needs, showcasing integrated capabilities related to full-spectrum mission planning, synchronisation, cyber command and control and operations, full-spectrum battle damage assessment and situational awareness, as well as real-time mission scoring and mission analytics through all phases.



GLOBALEYES is a streaming data analytic harness with a graph database platform for next-generation linked objects. GLOBALEYES demonstrates an analytics concept aimed at scalable analysis of very large graph data structures represented by the Linked Open Data community. Open source and synthetic data sets are combined for complexity and performance at extreme data rates to evaluate ingest rates, size, bandwidth limitations and visualisation capabilities.

University Industry Partnerships

University & Industry Partnerships

Northrop Grumman values its partnerships to develop and provide cybersecurity solutions for our customers. Our industry partners include Fujitsu and Telesoft as well as small- to medium-size enterprises in the UK. We also launched the International Cybersecurity Research Consortium in 2015 to strengthen global research and collaboration between industry and academia. Our academic partners include the University of Southampton and WMG's Cyber Security Centre at the University of Warwick.

Advanced Cyber Technology Centre

ACTC Video Play Icon

Through the ACT Centre, we collaborate across our global presence to develop strategic capabilities that address our customers´┐Ż hardest problems. We are pursuing the most innovative ideas and making strategic investments to bolster the technical superiority of the United Kingdom and its allies around the world.

ACTC Datasheet [PDF]

Cyber Centurion

Cyber Centurion Logo

The program is designed to excite, educate and motivate youth towards careers in STEM and cybersecurity. The program features the National Youth Cyber Defense competition for high school and middle school-aged youth, Cyber Camps, and an Elementary School Education initiative. Expanding the program globally, Northrop Grumman partnered with Cyber Security Challenge UK in 2014 to bring CyberPatriot to the UK, where it is known as CyberCenturion.

Cyber Centurion Datasheet [PDF]
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Cyber Security: Not a Buzzword

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Cyber Security: Not a Buzzword

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