Diode Pumped Laser Systems Series 525 (DPLS)

DPLS diode pumped laser system

At the heart of the world’s most advanced, ruggedized airborne targeting systems are Northrop Grumman’s Diode Pumped Laser Systems, or DPLS.

The patented athermal, diode-pumping architecture in the DPLS Series 525 requires minimal active thermal management. The Series 525 laser yields the lowest power consumption available with the highest output energy and lowest beam divergence as a two-color laser.

Fully qualified and flying on several manned and unmanned aircraft, the Series 525 laser offers affordable, reliable 1.064 mm designation, as well as 1.064 mm and 1.570 mm rangefinding. The laser enables extreme precision from long standoffs.

Northrop Grumman designs, develops and builds the lightweight, compact DPLS Series 525 laser to meet mission requirements for integration into existing targeting systems as an immediate upgrade and for new systems in development.

Northrop Grumman Laser Systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of military electro-optical (EO) targeting systems and has been building laser designators with mission overmatch for 40 years.

Download the DPLS datasheet for complete details.

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