Eagle Spacecraft

Eagle Spacecraft

One family to efficiently satisfy a range of missions

Northrop Grumman’s Eagle spacecraft product line is designed to meet the growing market demand for affordable and reliable spacecraft capable of supporting a variety of mission applications.

With a rich legacy of building space platforms that range from small low Earth orbit spacecraft to large observatories and deep space probes, Northrop Grumman has combined elements of these proven products into a family of Eagle spacecraft to readily serve the mission needs of customers at an affordable price.

The Eagle spacecraft product line consists of four basic configurations, each suited for a particular class of missions. Design and product commonality across the Eagle configurations enable low cost and rapid delivery, while maintaining Northrop Grumman’s commitment to reliability and mission success.

The Eagle spacecraft employ a flexible design that allows performance to be cost-efficiently tailored with existing, flight-proven component options to meet unique mission requirements, including solutions that may go beyond the standard Eagle configurations.

Whether it’s a one-way journey to the moon, a study of Earth’s environment, or a critical operational data acquisition mission, the Eagle spacecraft line provides an affordable, rapid and reliable platform to accomplish your mission.