Energetic Testing

Energetic Testing  

Northrop Grumman’s Warhead Center of Excellence is rated for 300 pounds of category 1.1 energetic material for fragmenting or 1500 pounds of category 1.1 energetic material for non-fragmenting. Additional test ranges are available for testing larger quantities of energetic materials. The facility is equipped with a 300 kV Flash X-Ray system with up to six channels and  computed radiography with up to 15" x 51" screens. Northrop Grumman’s thermobaric blockhouse is rated for 1.5 pounds of category 1.1 energetic materials.

Northrop Grumman's energetic testing facilities include two large scale closed bombs with volume up to about 40 m³, and a wide variety of firearms, air cannons, grenade launchers, and large bore cannons for ballistic and impact testing.

DOT/Insensitive Munitions Testing

Northrop Grumman’s insensitive munitions testing includes fast cook-off, slow cook-off, bullet impact, fragment impact, sympathetic detonation, shaped charge jet impact and spall impact. The company is MIL-STD-2105 compliant and have a DOT certified 12m (40 ft) drop tower/pad used for drop shock testing of insensitive munitions.


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